Minnesota Special Education Advisory Councils

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"SEAC group does exist & does meet, consists of guest speakers arranged by school and social parent connections, no advisory role is tolerated, advisory role is discouraged."
Julia, Parent member of a SEAC, MN
"We use all 3 vehicles to give advice to our governing board -- special education director, school board member, and directly from SEAC to school board."
Nichol, Parent member of a SEAC, MN
"Never heard of such committee at our school or who is on it. I am a foster parent who has had many kids over the last 9 years. Is this a mandate for every school?"
Stuart, Parent not on a SEAC, MN
"We write up an annual report and the co-chairs present it to the school board with the Director at a school board meeting. It includes our reccommendations and accomplishments. "
Michelle, Parent member of a SEAC, MN
"Our group mainly sponsors workshops and other parent involvement activities. No one has asked for any recommendations from us."
Jean, Parent member of a SEAC, MN